Wall, ceiling and floor mounted upholstered acoustic panels. MurMur panels have a patented core material providing superior sound absorbency aimed at the frequencies most associated with noise related fatigue. In addition to the essential acoustic purpose of MurMur panels, they define space, give colour and context to any interior scheme.

Note: The core material used in our MurMur acoustic panels is a by-product of the clothing industry and is made from 100% cotton. Not only is this the most environmentally friendly and ‘Green’ material being used for this purpose, the sound absorbing qualities are in fact superior to other more commonly used products. For more information and copies of test certificates please contact our sales team.

Designer’s Comment:
Design with a function. Love it. I think the management of noise (unwanted sound) in the workplace is the number one consideration when planning an agile work environment. I invite your opinion.

Standard Finishes:
– Fabric Band 1
– Fabric Band 2
– Fabric Band 3